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Explanation Edit

Arcade Mode is an official singleplayer mode for RBLXWare, released in Version 0.7.3 BETA. Arcade Mode can be accessed through menu by clicking the "Arcade" button, which will teleport you to a separate universe where nobody else can join. Arcade Mode works differently from normal RBLXWare, and works similarly to WarioWare.

The player is given 4 lives during the game, and the game is endless until the player runs out of lives. Lives are lost from losing a minigame, but lives can be regained by completing a boss minigame. Boss minigames are every 8th minigame, and the player has to win the boss minigame or they will have to repeat a boss until they win. After a boss minigame, the speed will reset to whatever it's locked to. The speed locks every 2 bosses.

If the player loses all their lives, the game will end. During the game the player's total score is counted. Arcade Mode records are saved, and the score tag turns gold when you reach past your previous highscore.

Gamemodes Edit

  • Normal - 4 lives, lives earned back when boss is completed
  • Sudden Death - 1 life, lives aren't earned when a boss is completed
  • Thrilling - 4 lives, no instructions on all of the microgames, lives aren't earned when a boss is completed

Facts Edit

  • The current Arcade Mode was originally planned to be released for Easter 2018
  • The old solo mode was going to be something similar to what Arcade Mode is now, but was left untouched in early ALPHA.