The Frying Pans Fracas minigame was added in the early ALPHA version. The minigame starts by teleporting the players to random locations around a map with cylinders that sometimes raise up, or down. All players are given a Frying Pan. The objective is to stay alive and avoid being hit by other players's frying pans. The minigame lasts for about 14 seconds on default speed. Anyone who survives up to the end of this minigame wins.


  • If you get knocked too high, you'll die.


  • The song name is "Puzzle Plank Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • There used to be no death clipping around the map, meaning people that got flung very far would be able to win because they got flung towards the sky.
  • The cylinders uses a CylinderMesh instead of the part's shape being a Cylinder. This makes the collision still act like a regular block.