Explanation Edit

Least is Best was a special round added in the early ALPHA version, and was removed in the BETA version. In this special round, players must try to lose in minigames to gain points to win. If a player won during a minigame in Least is Best, it would be considered as a loss and no points are gained. The special round does not change a minigame's function in any way.

Removal Reason Edit

Following the addition of Simon Says (as a special round), this made Least is Best redundant, causing Least is Best to be removed from the game.

Facts Edit

  • This was the first special round ever added to RBLXWare.
  • This special round used to function differently, players would not gain points from losing minigames and the player with the least points win.
    • This was changed due to players who joined mid-game having an advantage.