To Do:
  • Audio required.


Pyramid Climb was added in the ALPHA stage. The minigame starts by teleporting all of the players around the bottom of the pyramid. The players have around 30 seconds (default speed) to get to the top. Players are unable to jump in this minigame, and must use the small slopes around the pyramid to get up. Players that successfully reach the top of the pyramid will win.

Help Edit

  • To get to the top of the Pyramid easier, use and get used to first/third person mode.
  • Sometimes, due to ROBLOX collisions, you can get to the collide to the top.
  • Avoid the blocks that don't fit into the colour scheme of the pyramid (white or black), they will trip you.

Facts Edit

  • There was once a bug where the King of The Hill mode was enabled during this minigame.
  • There is a hidden button that you can press that will open another block to lead you inside the pyramid.
    • Hint: The button is on a red block. Button
  • The faces on the blocks are all of the developer's and the color of their avatars skin tone during mid-ALPHA.
    • SuperSlimeStar, an admin during mid-ALPHA of RBLXWare's face, can also be seen on the Pyramid.