Explanation Edit

A regular round is the default round for the game. It consists of 17 minigames in total (including boss minigames), and has 3 speed ups.

4 normal (or default) speed minigames are played, 4 fast minigames are played, 4 very fast minigames are played, then 4 even faster minigames are played.

After the regular minigames, the boss minigame will be next. Once the boss minigame ends, the game then ends. If there's a tie between 2 players, there's a deathmatch minigame.

Speed-Up Edit

The speed-up is the part of the game where the game starts to speed up. This happens every 4 minigames (except the 16th minigame). It'll increase 3 times intotal before the boss round starts.

Facts Edit

  • The round system used to be bugged, and would reset each time the game would speed-up. This caused the game to be extended more than it intentionally was supposed to be.
  • During the early stage of Alpha, the max amount of rounds was going to be 15.