Explanation Edit

RoBusters is a minigame that was added in the Alpha version. The players are evenly split up into teams, and are spawned into the map. The Ghostbuster's role is to hunt down all of the ghosts, and the ghost's role is to hide and run away from the ghostbusters. There is a chance that you will spawn as a red ghost with a weapon.

Help Edit


  • If you are a ghost, you should always move and hide around the map, and not camp somewhere.
  • Sometimes you may spawn as a red ghost with a Tennis Racket, use it to your advantage.
  • Explore around the map for some hiding places.
  • Zombies cannot be killed by Ghost Busters and cannot kill you, use that to your advantage.


  • Check everywhere around the map for ghosts. (obviously)
  • Try to get good shots at the ghosts, and try to corner them to make the job easier.
  • You cannot kill Zombies, but they can kill you. Avoid them.


  • You are slower than Ghost Busters and Ghosts. Never attempt to chase down Ghost Busters as they'll use other paths to avoid you.
  • Use other paths to stop Ghost Busters from capturing Ghosts.
  • Be on the lookout for Ghost or Ghost Busters entering areas with an entrance, but no exit.
  • Ghost Busters cannot kill you, use this to your advantage.

Facts Edit

  • This is the biggest map.
  • It took only 3 days for him to make the map.
    • The Basement and Freezer were added to the map later when the map is being used in RBLXWare.
  • The map was inspired by Grabbed By The Ghoulies, a game made by RARE.
  • The map had a large update in late 2017 where lighting was improved and the map was more detailed.
  • The name RoBusters comes from the name of Ghostbusters.