This minigame is a boss minigame that was added in the early ALPHA stage. The game splits the server into two teams evenly, and it's a race of which team can get to the end first. Whichever team gets to the end first wins the game, and disables the block for letting the opposing team win. The game lasts about 1 minute and 20 seconds. Nobody wins if nobody finished the race.


  • By memorizing how to pass to the traps, you can quickly get to the end.
  • If you step on a beartrap, you lose health, but you can still live.
  • Stepping on a mine kills you and anyone around you instantly.


  • The song is the theme for Loopdeeloop Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • The map was made by redmiint8 and DoobyIand.
  • In the past, if you step on a beartrap, you lose health, but if somebody saves you within 12 seconds, you live.
  • The landmines are from an old project redmiint8 worked on: Redmiint8's House .