Solo Mode is a feature that was added in the 2017 Summer Update. This feature allowed players to play RBLXWare while alone in a server without having to have 2 players in a server. The game remains normal except that certain minigames are disabled. These mostly include fighting minigames. Solo Mode is disabled right when there are 2 players in the server.

Old Solo ModeEdit

The old version of Solo Mode was added in the early ALPHA stage, but was scrapped due to it never being updated with the current versions. The old Solo Mode would teleport you to a separate universe where you could play RBLXWare solo only. This version of Solo Mode also had a lives system, and if the player lost all their lives the game would result in a game over. This idea was never finished. Solo Mode also disabled special rounds. The universe still exists, but cannot be teleported to. The current version of the old Solo Mode is 0.1.3 ALPHA. This feature was removed in version 0.3.2 ALPHA.


  • This feature was added in 0.0.3 ALPHA
  • Old Solo Mode was never updated past version 0.1.3