Sorcerer Azar is a special event boss that was added in version 0.7.0 BETA, the RBLXWare Summer update 2018. Sorcerer Azar will be removed on September 9 2018.

This minigame started by teleporting players to a high pillar in the map, and players are required to get to Sorcerer Azar's field. But before players can get there, they need to get the key at a certain piller then go back to Sorcerer Azar's field before the pillars sink below the fog.

Sorcerer Azar only uses his staff's magic to attack players. There are also minions who will help Sorcerer Azar, mainly the mage minions come and support him, which can also cast single orb spells.

Sorcerer Azar does not move around much and has slightly less health than some bosses, but he has attacks that forces players to not get near him to compensate for this.

During the rage mode phase (second phase) of Sorceror Azar, the explosions of his explosion orbs are larger, and he has shorter idle time.

Once the boss is defeated, gifts will spawn on the field and alive players will be awarded a badge. The boss will then end after time run outs.

Sorcerer Azar's Health

  • 1-2: 3000 Health
  • 3-4: 5000 Health
  • 5-6: 7000 Health
  • 7-8: 9000 Health
  • 9-10: 11000 Health
  • 11-12: 13000 Health


Sorcerer Azar's Attacks

  • Explosive Orb Summon - Sorcerer Azar summons an explosive orb out of the ground with his hand, then uses his staff to enlargen it then cause the orb to hit the ground and create an explosion. On the rage mode phase, the explosion radius for the explosion orbs are larger.
  • Elemental Orb Summon - Sorcerer Azar summons an elemental orb that is either fire or electric type from his left hand, then launches it towards a player. Fire orbs set victims on fire, victims will also take afterburn damage after being set on fire. Electric orbs will stun and deal an amount of damage to players.
  • Explosive Orb Rain - Sorcerer Azar raises his staff, looks towards the sky and starts shaking the staff, afterwards 3 small explosive orbs get near Sorcerer Azar and enlargen themselves before they launch themselves toward the ground to explode. On the second phase, the explosion radius of the orbs are larger and 4 instead of 3 orbs are summoned.
  • Fireball Burst - Sorceror Azar raises his staff then creates a fire shield to shield himself from damage and proceeds to shoot many fireballs at a player, victims will take afterburn damage. On the rage mode phase, Sorceror Azar shoots the fireballs faster.


Sorcerer Azar - Battlefield

  • Keep an eye on Sorcerer Azar's animations, as the animations are different for each type of attack he uses.
  • If Sorcerer Azar casts the Explosive Orb Rain spell, look for the orbs in air and stay around from them and Sorcerer Azar.
  • Have someone kill Sorcerer Azar minions as many amounts of minions are hard to fight and may make you unable to get close to Sorcerer Azar.
    • On Solo Mode, target the Sorcerer's minions first.

Sorcerer Azar - Obby

  • For the first spinner, walk on the left edge of the block to avoid being hit.
  • You can reach the button to recharge the tower even after you have been hit by a spinner twice.
  • You only have 15 seconds to complete the obby before being teleported, but don't rush when your trying to complete the obby. You have 6 seconds to spare.



  • Players who have been teleported to the obby originally didn't have a timer that made them teleport back to the arena.
  • Fireball Burst had an attack variant that would instead target different players with each individual fireball, but this attack was never used.
  • The electric elemental orb used to do much more damage when this minigame was first released.