Explanation Edit

This minigame was added in the ALPHA stage. The minigame starts by teleporting all the players in a shooting range with a Target Pistol. Their objective is to hit 4 targets in 29 seconds (deafult speed). If the player hits 4 targets, they'll lose their Target Pistol and win the game. The target also moves between 3 positions every couple of seconds. Players are also not able to jump in this minigame.

There is also a variant of this minigame where you must shoot the colour target. The colours can be blue, red, green or yellow.

Another minigame that is similar to this is Shoot the Gift.

Help Edit

  • Try not to stand near players. They may block your bullets.
  • If you click fast enough, you can shoot more then one bullet at once.

Facts Edit

  • The song is the Title theme for WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
  • Originally, the minigame required you to hit 6 targets.
  • The map used to be a field with a textured fence, and some bricks far away from the players.
  • On the old map, you were able to jump during this minigame. There was clipping past the fence though.
  • It is possible to get out of the map by taunting once, then jumping to avoid the trigger that teleports you back to the map.
  • The map's visuals have been updated 3 times.
  • Originally in the new map, the guns nearby were solid, allowing players to get in the area with targets. This was fixed a few minutes later after it was found.
    RobloxScreenShot20180809 231731369

    By glitching, you can go here at the back of the map and see this.