Explanation Edit

This minigame was added in the ALPHA stage. The minigame starts by giving the players a "warning" about the trains, and 5 seconds later (default speed), the trains come across the lobby. If the trains hit you, you die and lose the minigame. Any remaining players will win. There are in total 3 trains that will come.

Help Edit

  • Stand far away from the platforms, as those are the areas the trains will use.
  • Obviously, the sides of the Lobby are the best places to be.

Facts Edit

  • The song for this minigame used to be the song used in the Saws minigame, but later changed to the one used in TF2Ware.
  • The song is "K64 Train Ride" from the Paper Mario series.
  • The trains used to go faster than the speed they're at now.
  • The reaction time used to be 2 seconds instead of 5.
  • The train mesh is from Crossy Road.