To Do:
  • Add more images for chest hiding areas.
  • Add default time limit.


The Treasure Hunter minigame was added in the ALPHA version. The minigame starts by teleporting the players to the shore of the beach. They have to find the treasure chest to win the game. There are currently 5 spots where the treasure chest can be. When the minigame ends, the players are teleported back to the shore and whoever found the chest wins.


  • The map used to be smaller. It was enlarged because of how easy it was to win.
    • The newer map is more detailed than the old map.
  • There used to only be 3 treasure chest spots.
  • Treasure chests used to be visible during Frogger, they were later removed.
    • When touched by a player, it will play the sound for winning a minigame and will teleport the player back on the shore. The chests do not do anything else other than the aforementioned sound and teleporting.
  • The song used to be the same song used in the Shark Scamper minigame.